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Welcome to the Happy Channel! Naturally, this is the place for all things on The Sift that bring sincere happiness and joy, positivity, exuberance, and/or inspiration to the heart, mind and spirit. This is a place for things that beam with warmth and good feelings from the inside and out, as well as the ones that uplift and lighten the mood. Essentially, this is the obvious foil to Dystopianfuturetoday's "Dark" Channel, and the opposite of cynicism. Smiles are contagious...

Come on Sifters... get HAPPY!!!

Enough already, Eric3579 -- let us celebrate you!

Come one, come all, come coax Eric3579 into finally getting GALAXY!!!!

Mr Eric has the highest vote per video average than any large presence on the Sift. That happens in part because he keeps killing videos that don't perform well.

Friends of Mr Eric -- and I know you are legion -- please come coax him into the World of Galaxy.

I'm doing this sift talk for selfish reasons -- I want to hear Dag's song! I want to see his personal badge.

And I want to celebrate Mr Sift himself. He was the first person who talked to me on the sift 10 years ago, and he gave me so much support. I have watched him do the same for others.

Thanks for being my Sift Buddy all these years, Eric.

10 years, but I made it to Bronze!

Thank you all so much... for your inclusion, encouragements, suggestions, and upvotes. I hit my 10 year anniversary here yesterday, and finally got my 25th Star Point today, finally stopping Sifty (siftie) from halting 90% of my invocations. I've gone through so much during this time, such as the birth of two of my daughters, two heart transplants for my first daughter (and her subsequent death), the purchase and foreclosure of my first house and finally throwing in the towel at my career of being an Architect (I get paid more by being a drafter, anyways...and less stress and getting paid for overtime).

Anyways, you people have been there for me for a long time, though you may not have realized it. I have missed those whom have moved on, like Farhad2000, KnivesOut, and even Choggie (at times..in his reincarnation)...but I appreciate all of you in this community of freaks. Huzzah!

*Promotes for All

It's official; the community has spoken! The *promote and *doublepromote features are no longer reserved for Bronze Star members. Effective immediately, all non-probationary members are able to invoke promotions on other members' posts.

All members have always been able to self-promote, so nothing's changed there. Now as long as you have the requisite Power Points you can throw your big swinging promotes around.



This just in: Even if you're probationary, if your account is at least 2 years old, you too get to share in these wonderful superpowers.


Blankfist Has Returned!!!

I am pleased to announce that our infamous cat fart man is back where he belongs!! As a member of the Trilateral Cat Commission, I could not be happier.

I guess we'll be hearing a new song from @dag sooner than we expected, as blankfist is less than 50 sifts away from achieving Galaxy status. Please show him some love and check out some of the awesome videos in his pq!!


Welcome back bf!!!


I am so happy to announce that my good friend Barseps has earned his
crown! If he weren't so busy answering my silly questions about
how this site works from the time I first started here, I bet he would
have his crown 6 months ago! Mike is a very patient, friendly, and
helpful member of the Sift and we are VERY lucky to have him.

A Crown Has Been Earned!!

Please join me in a collective "YAY!" for PlayhousePals earning a well deserved CROWN!! Cheri, you have a heart of gold...an awesome sense of humor...and a fantastically absurd taste in videos. Speaking of which...check out her YouTube channel should you require your day be brightened...a smile brought to your face...or a demo of some sharp video editing skills.

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